Continuity Corner

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This is Continuity Corner, a collection of movie and film mistakes, errors, goofs, nitpicks; whatever you want to call them, as well as clichés plus trivia and movie locations as well. If you want to submit a comment or a follow up to an existing comment, please go to the contact page.

Wanted! Continuity errors, technical mistakes, nonsensical plots and so on. General comments, points of interest, reflections and observations on films and their plots are also welcome. Also looking for clichés, either examples of known clichés or newly identified clichés. Guns which never need reloading, people walking away from 100mph car crashes when they weren’t wearing a seatbelt and so on. Finally interesting bits of trivia, particularly locations, the more specific the better. Again, go to the contact page.

The site includes movies, TV movies and some TV mini series like Stephen King’s IT or Band of Brothers. Other than that I’m not really dealing with TV, though I am considering the Star Trek series as worthy of inclusion; Original series, TNG, DS9, Voyager & Enterprise.

There are no pictures to illustrate mistakes, too much hassle, too much bandwidth. Most importantly if you really want to look out for the mistakes watch the movie. If you actually need a screen shot from the movie to see what’s wrong, well why not go the whole way and I’ll send you a tape of the movie with everything edited out except the mistakes, obviously I won’t, that would be silly.

People may complain that comments include spoilers of movie plots, of course, sometimes they do and I don’t have time to go through every one making sure it doesn’t give something away. You have been warned.

Most recent entries are at the bottom of the page, unless they are a follow up comment in which case they appear under the original entry. The two most recently updated films for any given letter are highlighted.

The site is pretty well all HTML, minus graphics, to help reduce download times. I have avoided the current eye straining trend to use minute font sizes for main body text, if you really enjoy reading stuff that small, try mucking about with your browser settings, or screen resolution…or something. There’s no time/bandwidth wasting Flash animation.